Z: Central Services of the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre and Public Relations

Principal Investigators:

Prof. J. Teich

Managing Director:

Dr. J. Kleinöder

Coordination and Public Relations:

Dr. S. Mattauch
S. Kugler

Administrative Support:

I. Derr


From left to right: Stefanie Kugler, Jürgen Teich, Sandra Mattauch, Jürgen Kleinöder and Ina Derr.


The central activities and services in the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre (TCRC) are conducted within the subproject Z. These activities and services are subdivided into two parts:

The first part is administrative support, organisation of meetings (internal project meetings, PhD student retreats) and assistance for visits of guest researchers and for researchers traveling abroad. Technical support and tools for communication and collaboration will be provided, as well as support and organisation of central publications. Last but not least, financial administration and bookkeeping is one of the central services.

The second part is the promotion of invasive computing. We will establish contacts with important research sites, establish an international industrial board and a scientific board for counseling, present ideas and results at expositions and trade-fairs, organise international workshops and conferences, as well as seminars for high-school pupils. A website enriched with feedback options will be created and public newspaper articles will be written. All subprojects will be assisted in creating information material.