Project Areas

  • Project Area A — Fundamentals, Language and Algorithm Research
  • Project Area B — Architectural Research
  • Project Area C — Compiler, Simulation and Run-Time Support
  • Project Area D — Applications
  • Project Area T — Transfer Project
  • Project Area Z — Administration

Current Projects

Area Subproject
A A1: Basics of Invasive Computing
Prof. Teich, Prof. Snelting
A4: Characterisation and Analysis of Invasive Algorithmic Patterns
Dr. Wildermann, Prof. Bader
A5: Scheduling Invasive Multicore Programs Under Uncertainty
Prof. Megow
B B1: Adaptive Application-Specific Invasive Micro-Architectures
Prof. Henkel, Dr. Bauer, Prof. Becker
B2: Invasive Tightly-Coupled Processor Arrays
Prof. Teich
B3: Power-Efficient Invasive Loosley-Coupled MPSoCs
Prof. Henkel, Prof. Herkersdorf
B4: Generation of Distributed Monitors and Run-Time Verification of Invasive Applications
Prof. Schlichtmann, Dr. Müller-Gritschneder
B5: Invasive NoCs and Memory Hierarchies for Run-Time Adaptive MPSoCs
Prof. Becker, Prof. Herkersdorf
C C1: Invasive Run-Time Support System (iRTSS)
Prof. Schröder-Preikschat, Dr. Bauer, Prof. Henkel, Dr. Hönig
C3: Compilation and Code Generation for Invasive Programs
Prof. Snelting, Prof. Teich
C5: Security in Invasive Computing Systems
Prof. Freiling, Prof. Snelting, Prof. Schröder-Preikschat,
D D1: Invasive Software-Hardware Architectures for Robotics
Prof. Asfour, Prof. Stechele
D3: Invasive Computing and HPC
Prof. Bungartz, Prof. Bader, Prof. Gerndt
T T1: Integration and Coupling of Tightly Coupled Processor Arrays
Dr. Hannig, Prof. Teich
Z Z2: Validation and Demonstrator
Prof. Becker, Dr. Hannig, Dr. Wild
Z: Central Services of the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre and Public Relations
Prof. Teich